We participate in an affordable housing program which means that in order to qualify for some apartments, an applicant may need to meet certain requirements regarding income.

Please note that not all of our apartments are income restricted. Call the office for availability and details. 

Some of our apartments have been reserved for households that make 50% or 60% of the median income in Travis County. For your convenience, we have provided the household income limits below. 
of Persons
Annual Income Limit
Annual Income Limit
1 $29,350 $35,220
2 $33,550 $40,260
3 $37,750 $45,300
4 $41,900 $50,280
5 $45,300 $54,360
6 $48,650 $58,380
7 $52,000 $62,400
8 $55,350 $66,420


Non-Students are eligible. Not all students may be eligible. We have provided general guidelines in the table below. However, there are exceptions. Please call the office to determine your eligibility.
One Applicant
Student Status Eligibility
Non-Student Eligible
Part-Time Student Eligible
Full-Time** Student Not Eligible*
Two Applicants
Student Statuses** Eligibility
Non-Student + Non-Student Eligible
Non-Student + Part-Time Student Eligible
Non-Student + Full-Time** Student Eligible
Part-Time Student + Part-Time Student Eligible
Part-Time Student + Full-Time** Student Eligible
Full-Time** Student + Full-Time** Student Not Eligible*

*Please call the leasing office to ask about exceptions and determine your eligibility.

**Note that “full-time” status is determined by the student’s educational institution.